I told you I was getting a website? AND I used the word ‘soon’?

Yeah, well you should have known better than to believe me!

I have a great friend who has done an awesome job putting it together for me… but since May it’s been up to me to get a few things together to complete it. That’s going on 5 months, people.

I’m totally blaming it on the fact that for some of those months I was in straight survival mode… because in December we’re having a BABY! Almost as exciting as a new website. Ok, of course not… a baby is much more exciting!

So, one day I will have a website with my new work, but until then find me on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Frances-Lightcap-Photography/304779105221

My latest wedding with Jennifer Rook and Josh Ridings… I think this link will work…


New website/blog coming SOON! Get excited!

Sad, sad news.


I have run out of free space on my blog!

I have so many pictures from the last few months to post and show you!

What to do?!

I guess it’s time to make that website/blog I’ve been thinking about and have someone that knows what they’re doing help me out.

Thanks for looking… I’ll be back in 2011 I hope!

Mrs. Tilley


This bride is missing her groom. He’s in ranger school and she won’t see him again until November.

I am just getting started on editing, but here a couple of pictures for you, Jenn. They are compliments of Christy Mason (http://christinemasonphotography.com/), my talented friend who joined me on your wedding day. Her pictures were easiest to access on my computer at the moment!

Hope to have more for you to see very soon!!

Jennifer is a Wofford alumni and she has become quite dear to our family.  We love her!  And we’re loving getting to know Josh too!

This was one of my favorite photo shoots. Lots of fun driving around Spartanburg and Cowpens for some great locations (that of course, Jennifer had mapped out; if you know her, you know she’s a girl that’s on top of things) with a really fun couple (and Jennifer’s roommates that I love).

I love this one!

Daniel is my husband’s cousin and it feels like ever since I’ve been in the family, I’ve known Lexi. They are a fun couple!

We weren’t able to make it to their wedding, but a friend of mine did their pictures and I wanted to post a few of my favorites on here for them to see, as I finish up the editing.

Congratulations, guys! Lexi, you were and are beautiful! We’re looking forward to seeing you as a married couple next time we’re in town!

Fun activities for the kids at the reception. Our cutie niece, Emma, with her balloon!

Well, activities for kids of all ages!



I had such a great time with Andrew and his mom, Naomi, at this session. It was my first session with a teenage guy, so my expectations were pretty low as far as how it would go… I mean, what teenage guy wants to have his picture taken for an hour-with a stranger none the less?

Andrew was awesome. I’m sure he could have thought of 967 things he’d rather been doing with his thursday night, but he never complained and with the help of his mom he managed to give me a few genuine smiles.

I loved seeing his relationship with his mom… lots of love and respect for each other that was obvious from my little bit of time with them.

And, I’m sure you can tell from these pictures that every other teenage guy in Greenville is wishing they had Andrew’s hair.

My favorite. And it makes me think of Psalm 1, a piece of Scripture we try to pray for our kids.